A Genuine Opportunity Knocks.

We all know that success in business is to take advantage of every opportunity, so here is a genuine and one of the best opportunities for independent car dealers in Australia to fight back against the multinationals that are making our industry harder each day.

Letís ask a few questions to see whether you are in the same boat as many others.

1. Do you think that the multinationals are trying to starve us of good stock so we donít survive?

2. Do you think that Auction houses and wholesalers are asking too much for their stock?

3. Do you think that Auction houses are competing against independent car dealers?

4. Do you think that advertising is getting too expensive with third party websites?

If you are interested in joining together to get a stronger buying power, then express your interest by return email. Please share this email and help other independent dealers.

What is your business worth when you want to sell out? Car Supermarket can make it worth a lot more than what you think!

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